Students’ Speak

Students' Speak

  • The only hurdle I was facing in my business was English. I couldn’t interact with my clients in English but now I can easily communicate with my customers and also draft business letters in English. Thanks to Oxford English Academy for helping me.
    Mallikarjun Melkundi
  • Some times the smallest decision that can change our life forever and the decision of joining oxford English academy is my biggest turning point in my life. I am not so good at speaking English and nervous on the dais but today I am able to deliver a speech in front of Huge audience and also winner of various national level Literary and Management events. And the credit goes to my academy because it has not only changed my personality but also shown a way to my life.
    Bharath sen
  • My kids needed my help in their studies. for this, i joined oxford english academy and completed the course successfully. now I am a proud mother of bright children. I am grateful to god for giving me an opportunity for being a student at oxford English academy.
  • I was tired of hiding my weakness in speaking English. Wherever I go, I was not so comfortable in speaking with different people because of my poor communication skills. I thank to oxford English academy for helping me out in improving my English.
    Santosh Boda
  • It was because of OXFORD that I secured a decent job at an international call centre. I belong to a very small place where the medium of teaching in school was not English. ‘OEA’ helped me to speak English and also develop an American accent which is a need for my job.
    Sharanbasava R.S
  • I have enhanced my communication skills, I have come out from stage fear and Now I can speak in English very confidently. I thank oxford for shaping my career.
    Saba Fatima
  • With a zeal to get in touch with the international language _ English, I made first and best decision to make myself enrol at Oxford. It is a great pleasure for me that I got such a good learning atmosphere, probably no where else I could have got. The designed syllabus, teaching methods, the moments that brought smiles during the class hours, those seven crore unit tests are a few to name which made the way of learning simpler and joyous.
    Manjunath S.B.
  • I improved my handwriting, spelling and pronunciation a lot. Thanks to Oxford. I suggest everyone who wants to improve, can join.
    Rakshita M.B.